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An international team of scientists from the Siegert group at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria have developed MorphOMICs: a pioneering data-driven method that unfolds a map of how brain region, sex, and disease progression influence microglia – all by looking at their shape” – ISTA Communications

“The shape of microglia carries information about what they are doing. The way they look – their morphology – is basically a signature of their function. Until now, no suitable method existed to study this!” – Ryan John Cubero, Postdoc

Interview with Angie Voyles Askham for org related to our study Colombo et al. 2022

Interview with blogger Hildegard Suntinger 

Interview with Rachel Nuwer for Wired magazine


Scientists at the IST Austria rejuvenate mouse brains with ketamine or flickering light…Venturino puts it in a nutshell: “There is a lot to explore.” – Alessandro Venturino, Siegert Lab

Interview with Michael Loibner for Die Presse



Interview for Krone der Wissenschaft


TV interview in ORF III “talk” 10 Jahre IST Austria

Interview with Vanessa Voss from Trend magazine


“Postdoctoral fellow Rajeshwari Meli receives Hertha Firnberg Grant”

Interview with Die Presse for “Wissenschaft – Junge Forschung


Telephone interview for Bezirksblätter Tulln


Press release about the appointment of Sandra Siegert to ISTA.